“Blank Page” with One Man Dancing

And i swear for our love,

I swear I’m gonna change my life

To start on a blank page

Sweet and melodious bittersweet melody that dwells in the worlds of folk and rock and invites you travel to lyrics that evoke a certain truth in how it unravels creating a soundscape so human, so touching and so unique. “Blank Page” invites us to remember those moments we wish we could take back and rewrite but are now to late to go back, they are set in stone even if we wished we could get back to the start.

One Man Dancing created a mesmerizing and emotional soundscape filled with honesty, regret, memories and managed to engulf us in it. We are invited into a story we have seen or even lived but now see it from the outside and understand it more as by the touch of Agus’s voice we mature a little bit more. The initial desperation of being unable to change it turns into understanding and we move forward with the assistance of “Blank Page”.

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