Playlist: Soundcloud Discoveries Part IX

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  • MTNS: Nice Modern day pop track with an old school spirit that makes for a marvel to listen with soft and energetic sounds.
  • Golden Suits: Old school rock with chameleonic vocals that blurs the line between past, present and future and rock and pop creating a must listen track. 
  • Katie Ferrara: Beautiful, soft spoken vocals that flow as one with the acoustic sounds creating a relaxing and touching experience.
  • UNBLOOM ft. Layla Mora: Soft and inviting beats and sounds mixed in with a powerful and inviting singer creating a riveting dance like feel.
  • Handsome Ghost: Blurring the lines between folk and pop splashed with some nice electronic beats and top quality lyrics that make for a beauty of a soundscape.
  • Los Espinas: Travel the world and come up with some unique and enticing indie rock that is simply so cool and unlike anything out there.
  • Jole: Folk melodies with splashes of pop combined with an inviting and ethereal voice that makes a song be a story to be told and to be heard by all.
  • Rob Drabkin: Someday you will be hypnotized by a mix of voice and melodies so sweet and so surreal – today is that day, simply listen and fall into the soundscape.
  • The Burgeoning: Indie rock at it’s best filled with mature lyrics and a nice touch of testing the limits and uniting sounds making for a crazy wonderful ride.
  • Jen Baron: Indie pop magic that invites you with catchy tunes and fun and playful choruses all tied together by vocals that are just so beautiful to hear.