New Music Alert: “Olympia” by Sundara Karma

“Olympia” by Sundara Karma

Oscar Pollock (vocals/guitar), Haydn Evans (drums), Dom Cordell (bass) and Ally Baty (guitar) make up the latest band to come into the indie rock scene ready to own it, and they do it with the name of Sundara Karma (which translates to “beautiful Karma in Sanskrit). With an old school charisma, a melodic yet powerful voice, a poetic sense of romanticism and a whole lot of talent this young band will surely leave a mark on you as within a second of you listening to them, they are added to your playlists because they are simply one of the most riveting acts out there.

With a maturity that sounds beyond them and a certain rebellious touch they create choruses that are memorable and turn their tracks into anthems that could easily fill up the grandest of stages. Oscar leads the band the way a true lead singer should, ensuring his voice engulfs all who listen while staying true to the sound of the instruments. He is the one who knows how to dwell within their soundscapes for they are his as well. This is felt in their latest anthemic masterpiece, “Olympia”. I recommend you let go of all you thought you knew and just fall deep into their amazing indie rock as this track simple grabs your hand and doesn’t let go until it’s over and you are left begging for more (which is why there’s a little extra below).

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