Region: Central Coast, NSW, Australia

As the heartbreak of the realization that Jinja Safari will be no more, their talented lead singer, Cameron “Pepa” Knight eases the pain with his brand new solo track, “Company”. This amazing and touching track has a special something about it that makes it a must listen as it touches your soul making you feel that you are not alone and that there’s more out there (Maybe that’s why it eases the pain of JS separation). Pepa Knight shows us and the world that he is a creative monster in his own right, the band excelled with unique sounds but he excells on his own with his voice and songwriting.

“Company” will captivate and engulf you in a brilliant soundscape where your sole purpose if to let his voice soothe you and mesmerize you as he walks with ease through the notes and the lyrics of this beauty of a song.

[su_quote cite=”Pepa Knight”]This tune actually came about from a 6-year long collaboration with a good friend of mine and genius songwriter Stephen Engstrom (AKA Stezrat). He originally sent me the idea back in 2010 and it only finally came together earlier this year while I was in-between mixing the final Jinja Safari album.

Now that JS has come to an end, I now have the headspace to move on creatively and excited to release more music in the near future[/su_quote]

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