Indie Pop Mixtape 3

Artist: Lily Elise

Song: Palm Trees

Why? Her voice is one of the most beautiful sounds you will ever listen, specially as she glides softly through the melody of “Palm Trees” and she connects lyrics with music hypnotizing us – it’s also an honest and true expression of emotions and feelings and I am personally a big fan of that touch in her music and the R&B glimpses in her voice are a marvel to hear.

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Artist: Frank Hamilton

Song: Saturday Night

Why? With that charming British accent and a gift for lyrical purity that fuses with pop/rock tunes with such an ease creating something refreshing and so unlike anything you’ve ever heard – this talented singer/songwriter connects with the listener from the first note of this fun and honest track that it’s simply enhanced by the music video.

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Artist: EXES

Song: Sherman Oaks

Why? This talented Los Angeles duo is already a household favorite at the wolf in a suit’s den , with those soft and mesmerizing synth sounds, that sweet yet honest voice and all combined creates an EXES brand of indie pop that connects with listeners who are reminded of people and experiences from the past showcasing the growth in their present.

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Artist: Smith & Thell

Song: Row

Why? Another duo with a unique blend of pop, this time mixing in folk and pop sounds in a way that makes for an amazing and surreal storytelling – just listen to the voice and the music and row through the soundscape created by the mix of folk and pop and let Maria Jane Smith take the lead and guide you through this haunting new world.

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Artist: Brooklyn

Song: My Place

Why? Young talent at it’s best with pop perfect sounds,  that’s Brooklyn for you, a talented and diverse artist who dances, sings, directs and above everything else, writes his own material – With a sensible voice that can touch listeners in a deeper level, he invites you his quest, to his place, to his world to let him take you by the hand and walk through his melodies.

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Artist: My Body

Song: Blowout

Why? Just listen to those beats as they bounce around up and down and side to side and soft yet energetic way that can only be complimented by Jordan’s voice and modern songwriting – as Darren creates the soundscape that in a strange manner touches your inner dancer while also connecting in a deeper manner inviting you to move your body while you soul connects with the beats.

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Artist: Disco Fries and Shanahan

Song: Is it Over ( ft. Shy Martin)

Why? Two, three, add one more and you get four musicians that make “Is it Over” an electrifying electro pop perfect track that invites every inch of your body to get to the closest dance floor and let go of your inhibitions as the music takes control of you – Shy Martin’s voice is the only guide that these beats should ever be complimented with, her sensible and melodious tones are the cherry on top to tones and beats that are hauntingly attractive.

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Artist: LA Poolside

Song: Make it Bloom

Why? As unique and fun as you can musically get, with a mix of beats and sounds and voices that strangely and magically compliment each other while fusing to perfection with the music – This is simply a rebellious and fun pop track that will get you to get up from you chair and move your body in strange manners as you try to sing along.

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[aesop_video align=”center” src=”youtube” id=”NvsgBAG3gg0″ disable_for_mobile=”on” loop=”on” autoplay=”on” controls=”on” viewstart=”on” viewend=”on”]

Artist: TICTO

Song: Great Clouds ( Ft. Mara)

Why? Swedish Producer TICTO meets Dutch singer Mara from Mara and the Pillows to create a unique blend of eletronica, pop and that indie touch provided by Mara’s beautiful voice – this is perfect as it is a lyrics video and you can actually aim to sing along and enjoy in the sounds and beats that these two distinct talents have created.

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