Playlist: Soundcloud Discoveries Part VIII

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  • Trails and Ways: Old school indie rock splashed with an indie pop feeling and with fun tune that simply makes for one hell of a chill ride.
  • Phil Good: Just the right song to get you going and to get your body to start moving and above all it’s such a refreshing musical proposal that is simply a must listen.
  • Marlon Chaplin: His voice is simply filled with the right touch of emotions and humanity and with the soundscape it creates an amazing story.
  • Felix Devotion: With a voice that reminds of Dan from Bastille but with his own unique tone and with melodies that are on his yet so relatable.
  • Happy Lives: Just the right touch of indie rock showcased in a unique and one of kind way that only he could guide us through.
  • FYR: He creates the most amazing soundscape and with Linnea Sundemo’s voice it is simply hypnotic and so ethereal that it feels from another world.
  • Dessert: Simple and beautiful free flow of melodies from a mysterious trio that have set their music to mesmerize and capture your senses.
  • Valley Hush: Nice mix of electro pop sounds fueled by Lianna’s marvel of a voice that simply makes stay still and focus on simply listening and moving our feet to the beat.
  • Sky Between Leaves: Alternative rock at it’s best with a hauntingly different and refreshing voice that flows like ghost through the melodies captivating our ears.
  • Arbo: His voice and the music sound like a match made in musical heaven, they compliment each other in such a marvelous way, it’s simply pop/rock perfection.