Review: The Absence EP – The Marsicans

The Marsicans

James Newbigging – lead vocals and guitar
Oliver Jameson – guitar and vocals
Rob Brander – bass, keyboards and lead vocals
Matthew ‘Cale’ McHale – drums and vocals

This young and talented band is already one of my must listens and after you check out this EP you’ll understand why. Born in Leeds, England this young group of lads have created music that can range from the honest and heartfelt to the the pop perfect or even the powerful indie rock vibe. Rob has been gifted a voice that simply enchants all who have the pleasure to listen and James, Oliver and Matthew simple create the most amazing and perfect soundscape for his voice to guide us through.

There’s simply no going wrong with any track of this EP. And the special gifts called Bonus tracks are a nice touch to an already great EP.

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