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[headline type=”type1″ color=”#000000″ size=”h2″]”Deliverance” by The Ruins[/headline]

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Debra Black and Victor Gonzalez comprise one of the most must listen indie pop duos that you will ever come across. With powerful vocals, beautiful unison harmonies and deep and well written lyrics – The Ruins is a must follow act. Their music video for their latest single, “Deliverance” is simple and with only the both of them as the protagonist of it but it does not need more than that because with the camera work, the special effects and their magnetic presence you get something amazing and that will leave you speechless. Debra’s powerful and breath taking voice blends in so well with Victor’s soft magnetic tones and together they create a soundscape that the only guides for it have to be them, because they are the only voices you’ll ever want to hear go along with those melodies.[/su_note]

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