Song to listen: “All we know” The Chainsmokers ft Phoebe Ryan

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Artist: The Chainsmokers ft Phoebe Ryan

Song: All we know

Region: New York/New Jersey – North American

It might be the Year of the Monkey in the Chinese Calendar, but in The Wolf in a Suit Calendar it all point to it being the year of The Chainsmokers. This year their name has been all over the place more so than before and they have thrown at us fantastic collaborations that each create a unique and amazing trip through the soundscape they make with their beats, their, rhythms, the voices they pick and even theirs with Andrew Taggart (One Half of the duo) showcasing his well hid talent.

This time they come at with the companionship of Phoebe Ryan and have created a sound so unlike their last hit “Closer” that had Halsey‘s magnetic voice in it. This time Phoebe’s voice is so enchanting and sweet and blends along so well with the sounds this talented duo set for her. This song is beautiful and simply captivating – it’s mesmerizing how they are able to shift gears and simply create a soundscape so unique and so different each and every time they set their eyes and ears on a track.

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