Song to listen: “Cover my eyes” by Callista Rouge

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Artist: Callista Rouge

Song: Cover my eyes

Region: Manchester – Europe

Mysterious Bansky like Manchester singer/songwriter Callista Rouge emerges out of her creative hiding place once more with her latest creation “Cover my eyes”. This talented artist has had a set of sporadic releases in the past, but it has been hinted by her that her latest creation is a gateway to a plethora of music is to be released soon (this wolf is excited for this). As Bansky emerges out of nowhere with great art, so does she but with great music that evokes a unique soundscape filled with beats and melodies only she could guide us through. Accompanied by lyrics that provoke something inside (it’s still unknown but it’s magnetic), we only listen and let her take our hand and guides through the stories she tells and the music she puts in front of us.
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