Featured Music Video: “Hold me Once More” by Andrea Di Giovanni

“Hold me Once More” by Andrea Di Giovanni

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Do you want to listen to talent unlike anything you’ve heard? Then listen to Andrea Di Giovanni – this talented Italian singer/songwriter is just the right breath of fresh air you were looking for. He is not full of talent but he has a capacity to showcase emotions unlike anyone I’ve heard and he truly dives into the writing process of his songs and that for me is something I am thankful for. He gives meaning to his music not just to please the ears but to also generate something in the listener and transmit a message. Are you paying attention? Are you listening? Or are you in awe of the visuals and story of the music video? I understand, it’s easy to be hypnotized by the aura this talented artist has. Enjoy the great music Andrea is bringing to you, to me and to all.

Hold Me Once More is the first song I ever wrote in English, 3 years ago. It talks about the relationship between me and my dad during my childhood and the lack of love and communication I perceived within it.

In the lyrics of this tune I am quite straight forward, telling him what I have been through, which I never had the courage to do in person.’

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