Song to listen: “Dad” by Christian Sparacio

Song to listen

Artist: Christian Sparacio

Song: Dad

Region: New Jersey – North America

Thank you Christian Sparacio for writing such a wonderful melody and lyrics that truly touch the heart. “Dad” is a amazing song by someone young and in touch with the world and those around him. He wrote this song for a friend of his who has recently lost his dad (a loss that certainly would cause anyone unimaginable amount of pain) in order to help ease with the pain and to show love and support. This song spoke to me because I lost someone dear to me this year, a man unlike anyone else, I lost my grandfather – a man of many word, many stories and whose memory will live on within me and those whose lives he touched. Christian you’ve created a song that can speak to people not only those who’ve lost but also those who have so they learn to cherish every possible second with the people they love. Life is a roller coaster and we know when we have to get off.

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