Interview with Echo Child

Interview with Echo Child

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First and foremost why Echo Child?
‘Echo’ as everyone knows is the repetition of reflected sound, I thought it fitting. In Greek mythology Echo was one of the nymphs that Zeus had an affair with. When his wife Hera came down to Earth to satisfy her suspicion, Echo tried to protect Zeus and Hera cursed her never to speak again. So then when she fell in love with Narcissus she wasn’t able to tell him so, therefore he fell in love with his own reflection. Its like the first story of hopeless romance, I guess I fancy myself as some sort of a hopeless romantic.
And in this life even though we go through a lot, we are all essentially children and always will be right? What inspires your music and your look?
Inspiration, as cliché as it sounds comes from most experiences in life, the good and the bad of living in the city, the struggle, romance, opinions I want to voice. I also get inspired by other musicians and their music; even if I listen to something and think “man, that is dope” I’ll just get the desire to create something as good. The beauty about music nowadays and also an inspiration, is the fact that you don’t really have to root yourself in one specific genre or style anymore. That’s liberating.
With the look there are several things to note. The light pink and blue colour gradient in my designs resembles a sunrise or sunset, either are beautiful. When you look on to the golden hour, it makes you forget everything momentarily.
The style of my hair I guess is to be a bit different. When the press shots came out loads of people that knew me were so shocked because it was the last thing they expected. Whether they liked it or not I didn’t really care, the fact is they had actually noticed. I also feel that doing things you may not be fully comfortable with really wake up your soul. When you’re a bit frightened, you feel alive and I think it was Bowie who said that those moments are when people create their best work. And for now my manager has been styling me so she deserves that credit. Is there a story behind “Way to the sun”? If so what is it?
People have this insatiable desire to tell me I look like Jesus. It was amusing at first but it got old pretty quickly. So I used that as a sort of metaphor I guess to go a bit deeper and and talk of how we shouldn’t be a certain way just to fulfill people’s expectations of us. Its damaging and can make you very unhappy. So finding your way to the sun is staying true to your soul and not allowing others to dictate who or what you are, life’s just what you want it to be man. What can we expect in the future from Echo Child?
At the moment I’m writing constantly so in the near future there is going to be a lot of music coming out. I’m getting ready to play some stripped back solo shows so keep an eye out. And down the line I’ll definitely put a band together to play bigger shows and start touring. Plans of coming to the U.S.?
Most definitely. There’s a few producers that I’m looking to work with all based in the U.S. so when that materializes and I go over, there will definitely be some shows scheduled around the sessions. Your personal mantra before shows, recording, etc?
Coffee and cigarettes before recording; red wine, cigarettes and a bit of solitude before a show. I should do the vocal warm ups but I’m a slacker when it comes to that. Gigging and recording are my favourite places to be so I don’t always need to psych myself up before, I’m happy to be there already. How does it feel to be making the music you love?
It’s a necessary feeling for me to be able to live my life with some sort of success. I don’t think I could function very well if I didn’t have that.
interview-with-echo child-indie music-new music-wolfinasuit-wolf in a suit


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