Video Recommendation: “No Stress” by Connor Evans

“No Stress” by Connor Evans

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Connor Evans delivers a truly relaxing and unique song with “No Stress” – it strangely does create a no stress effect while listening. This song is simply just amazing and the music video kinda makes you want to take a trip to anywhere. It actually was just what I needed the first time I heard it and every time I listen to it I just feel relaxed and light as a feather. Enjoy the song and be transported to the beautiful locations in the video(Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands).

“I had a period of my life where I abstained from alcohol, wouldn’t ever consider trying a drug, lived off fresh vegetable and fruit juices and raw, unprocessed foods… And was fucking miserable a lot of the time. No Stress is about acknowledging the need for balance and recognizing that it’s OK to live a little, that’s what the human experience is all about…every little thing is gonna be alright.”

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