Interview with Ignore the Elephant from Sweden

Interview with Ignore the Elephant

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How did you decide on the band name?
Not a clue!
Your sound is so unique and a blend of many things. What bands inspired you guys?
First of all, thank you! We all have very different influences, and we’re glad it shows! We all feel that a good tune is a good tune really, no matter what genre, so it’s really hard to drop names! We’re inspired by what we like, when we like it!
What inspired “Wish I Was Dead”?
“Wish I Was Dead” is about that feeling when you’re on the dance floor, and everyone around you are having a blast, but all you wanna do is go home. Because that one person is there. That’s what it’s about.
Do you guys have something you always do before shows?
We don’t really have any rituals. The two Martins in the band tend to get really deep before shows and our singer usually wanders around. He’s always mad.
Favorite live show experience so far?
We played in this really small town a few months ago. It was a traditional Swedish summer day, meaning that the weather was really bad and the energy was really low. Then all of a sudden, during our song “Pride” this huge pride-parade marches in out of nowhere and starts to dance their asses of! Literally during that song! That was fucking awesome!
One word to describe Ignore the Elephant?
Plans for the future? Touring? Coming to the US?
We’re releasing a music video for Wish I Was Dead in the near future! That’s really exciting! Our next project is an EP that we’re currently writing songs for! For every band that’s not from the US, going the US is the big dream. No matter what they say. We’re no exception.


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