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Video Recommendation: “Natural Disaster” (MTS Remix) by Molly Moore

“Natural Disaster” (MTS Remix) by Molly Moore

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Young, beautiful and outrageously talented – those are few words that describe indie pop singer/songwriter, Molly Moore. I can honestly say she is a sight to see, with a presence that attracts and pushes you to listen to every single word of her songs. Then you throw in an amazing music video and it’s KO – you are just blown away by the musical and visual aspect of it all. “Natural Disaster” is a beautiful song that just touches you – so well written and so magnificently arranged.

We filmed the video in Huntington Beach and made some stops along the way for some other scenes. We wanted to go for more of a cinematic looking story with the song being the soundtrack. A funny behind the scenes story… the running shot was actually us being kicked out of the shipping/storage area we were guerilla-style shooting in. The themes & symbolism with imagery are all deriving from the idea that our darkness is a figment of our imagination. We can choose to follow it, or run from it, or let it take us over. I wanted to paint the picture of a cat & mouse chase between body/mind/spirit/light & fear. I liked this concept so much because while it encapsulates the brooding, emotional vibe of the song, I found it to be empowering in a visceral way. Ultimately the message for me was to express this kind of relationship in an artistic, creatively impactful way… I wanted people to question whether the darkness is coming from an external source or if it’s possibly an internal, self-fulfilling prophecy.

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