Song Release: “I Don’t Really Care” by Pat Kiloran

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[/block] [block background=”#ffffff” text_color=”#000000″ rounded=”false” shadow=”false”]His singing sounds so effortless, so natural and so amazing. It’s a strange gift that he has, I want to say he is indie pop, indie rock, event a hint of country but I can’t pinpoint it but I love it. Pat Kiloran delivers a great track full of amazing music;from the guitars, the echo screaming “..I don’t really care” and the voice that flows through the song so perfectly. “I don’t really care” is the perfect song to tell someone exactly what the title is saying, a song to let the world know that you, Pat and myself won’t let anything slow us down from reaching the finish line (whatever it is). The best part is that Pat is still young and his talent can only grow and plus he has that drive needed to push forward and make the world listen to his music (which lyrically are also amazing)[/block] [block background=”#ffffff” text_color=”#999999″ rounded=”true” shadow=”true”][/block] [block background=”#ffffff” text_color=”#999999″ rounded=”true” shadow=”true”][/block] [/blocks] [headline type=”type1″ color=”#000000″ size=”h2″]For more of Pat Kiloran[/headline] [button text=”Facebook” url=”” background_color=”#000000″ text_color=”#000000″ style=”lt_hollow” size=”default” icon=”fa-facebook-official” open_new_window=”true” rounded=”false”] [button text=”Twitter” url=”” background_color=”#000000″ text_color=”#000000″ style=”lt_hollow” size=”default” icon=”fa-twitter-square” open_new_window=”true” rounded=”false”] [button text=”Instagram” url=”” background_color=”#000000″ text_color=”#000000″ style=”lt_hollow” size=”default” icon=”fa-instagram” open_new_window=”true” rounded=”false”]



I am the Man/Wolf hybrid who listens to amazing new music and aims to share it with all who visit as I believe we all deserve a nice little tune to be part of the soundtrack of our daily adventures. So listen and enjoy some amazing gems with me.

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