Featured Video: “Nothing’s wrong with it” by Panic is Perfect

Panic is Perfect - Nothing's wrong with it

[aesop_video align=”left” src=”youtube” id=”8DvBDr2EtxU” caption=”Panic Is Perfect – “Nothing’s Wrong with it”” disable_for_mobile=”off” loop=”on” autoplay=”on” controls=”on” viewstart=”on” viewend=”on”]

[tdivider style=”fa-bolt” color=”#000000″] [aesop_content color=”#ffffff” background=”#333333″ columns=”1″ position=”right” imgrepeat=”no-repeat” floaterposition=”left” floaterdirection=”up”]Panic is Perfect come to us with an amazing music video for their song: “Nothing’s wrong with it”. The song has a great sound and just flows and then you add a fun music video and you get something worth watching and listening. This Video turned me into a fan of the band, they are just great. The way the showcase and make fun of the greed that appears in the corporate side of music. How people with money on their mind can pressure musicians into being something not worth listening too. I do not know if the guys went through something like that, but I am glad they kept the music their own.


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