Movie: Snatch


Without a doubt this has to be one of the best movies I have seen – Guy Ritchie brings his street knowledge, his unique directing method and a great pack of actors together into a movie I consider to be a “Must See”. Everything from the comedy to the action and the psychology behind each character is portrayed perfectly in “Snatch”. Plus it make’s it really hard to pick a favorite character, you’ve got a bit of everything … from the wild Pikey, the clever Tyrone, the sadistic Brick Top, the no luck Tommy and Turkish and so many more. It’s an all star cast with a story to make them …wait for it … LEGENDARY. I cannot into the story because I don’t want to take that away from you if you decide to see it, but I can say in all honesty that this movie and “Fight Club” made me a Brad Pitt fan

To be honest I have nothing bad to say about this movie, it’s got everything: bare knuckle Boxing, gambling, Irish Travelers, crime, mishaps on every turn and all sprinkled with comedy, great dialogue, true storytelling and more. So hey why don’t you mmm … well… get some popcorn and mmm well … watch the movie.


Benicio del toro’s opening scene hooked me and reeled me in. Great movie is an understatement in my book. “D’ya like dags?”

I accept it, it’s an understatement… That movies is a freaking cult classic … “For every action, there is a reaction. And a pikey reaction … is quite a fucking thing…”

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