I had the pleasure of interviewing the young and talented artist on the rise featured Benjamin Amaru. To my surprise I found someone with a deep love for his craft, an understanding beyond his age for music and so mature and bright that I found myself becoming even more of a fan of his music and anxious for the promise of a future EP. I don’t like to take away from what you are here to read so please read the interview, enjoy it and get to know Benjamin Amaru a little more.


What drove you to music? when did you first know that music was what you wanted for your life?

When I was 8 years old I started to take piano lessons and that was the first time I came in touch with music. I loved the way music inspired and affected me so I began to learn other instruments by myself and develop my skills. I didn’t sing from the beginning. Actually when I first tried to sing I didn’t feel like I could sing, but at the age of 14 I took another start and it really worked out. That’s when I decided to make something out of it. Now it feels like I’ve always been into music and I couldn’t get along without it.

What inspires you and leads to creating your music?

What makes me create music is not really inspiration. It’s more a drive that keeps you going for it and makes you want to make something special, something that shows what you are and what you think, what you see and what you feel. Of course we hear a lot of music nowadays and there are few artists that really inspire me, but not with their music, more in the way they’re working for it, in the way they want to show their unique style.

How would you describe your music?

I can’t really describe my music, I’m just trying to show everyone what’s hiding inside my head and that’s music. It should represent me in my purest form.

Who is your favorite artist?
I don’t have a favorite artist to be honest. I listen to almost all kinds of music from rock to classic and as you can imagine there are a lot of artists I really like. But if I had to pick one out it’d be Rodriguez.


How did the idea for “Missing” (Wee-O Remode) came to be?

This was almost a year ago… Wee-O heard my acoustic cover of „Missing” by Everything But The Girl, fell in love and contacted me immediately with the idea. We are both signed to the same artist management so there were no barriers for the collaboration. Star producers Frank Sieben from Germany and Joe Actill from Switzerland got also involved in this project and put their signature into the production.

What are your hopes and plans for the future? Tours? presentations? Songs? EP?

I launched my Youtube-Channel in December 2015 with the aim to draw attention to my voice by covering well known songs in a unique acoustic way, before hitting the music industry with my original Songs. I received amazing feedback and booking requests from all around the world already. I’m constantly writing and composing new songs and I’m focused to create an epic EP that will leave a footprint in this world. I believe that everything comes at the right time. I have a great Team on my side and plenty of great projects in the pipeline. Keep your ears open, you will hear more from me soon!