Single review: “Boy Toy” by Mister Miguel

Mister Miguel hails from the northern lands of Toronto, Canada. He comes to us with a fresh sound and his own unique brand of music and honestly I am a fan. On his YouTube page there are many cover’s of some of the popular pop songs out there, but I think he just showed his true capacity with his first single “Boy Toy”.

“Boy toy” could be considered a risk for an up and coming artist because of the sexuality that comes with the lyrics, the music and accompanying sounds. But I see it as a brilliant move by Mister Miguel, I see honesty in choosing this song, I see someone remaining true to himself and with that alone he won me over, and then there is the song in case, and it’s honestly a great pop song that has immense potential. It has a catchy sound and a great chorus and the topic is different yet also real. “Boy toy” is a great original song and I can only visualize the talented singer/songwriter/dancer Mister Miguel performing it with a group of dancers and just blowing everyone away with it.

Mister Miguel thank you for bringing something fresh, fun and original to the music world. Thank you for bringing your own personal brand of sound. Enjoy “Boy Toy”, sing along to it , dance to it and if you relate, well … don’t kiss and tell.

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