Artist on the rise: Benjamin Amaru


Again my many travels within my cellphone, specifically in the online jungle known as Instagram has led me to music, oh that wonderful music, this time in the form of the voice of an 18 year old talented singer from Switzerland whose name is …        Benjamin Amaru.

I believe this is a name the world will know in the next years. Why? Talent and maturity; he does not settle and always aims to improve, always polishes his craft and he is supported by a great management team that not only helps his career stay in a path that will surely bring success and joy but they also keep him grounded, keep him seeing the big picture and being a real person, unlike many who start young and end their career young.

Benjamin Amaru is my Artist on the rise this week, now enjoy his song “Missing” (Wee-O Remode) and stay put because his music and his talent is going to take him places.

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