Man in the white suit by GREY90 (DEVIANT ART)

Nothing beats a nice tailored suit – you can have a bad day, maybe feel a bit depressed; I am not saying clothing changes your mood, but it can be a first step to improving it, how? by dressing the way you want to feel and we all want to feel awesome.

You want to feel great, dress great with something that fits your body shape and that you know you love how you look with it. I invite you to dress with a nice suit on a bad day,it might bring back that confidence that you think lost, but it’s just hiding because it’s always there but it might sometimes need a little push. From that first step maybe you can drink your favorite coffee or decide that you will call a friend to drink a beer or maybe go out with your significant other; the choices are infinite and they are all yours to make. Then maybe you talk, laugh, tell your friends or your other half the reason for the bad start, you are heard and in the end that is all you truly needed and now you can prowl the streets in search for … well whatever you feel like prowling around for (fun, love, more friends, shoot some pool, a movie, your choice, remember they are infinite) … take that first step and fall in love with who you see in the mirror everyday.

And Suit up!

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