Mechant louk is a blog from Montreal that are working to make fashion more accessible for Men in Montreal, the rest of Canada and probably the rest of the world. They are taking their vision and fashion and connecting with the amateur fashionista walking down the street. They are giving you; the dapper man, the street stylist, the creator; a place to show yourself with no fear.

The great thing about them is that they want to invite you to experiment, to create, to improvise with your wardrobe and to make the clothes you wear be part of you. That’s what fashion is in the end, it’s a form of art, a way for each person to show what makes them unique, what makes them simply be … well… them.

But not only is their invitation to be who you truly want to be  great, but they also offer some handy guidelines in form of articles to assist you with making a choice, to learning about the threads you have and to get a better feel of how to use all the tools available at hand and make them yours.

Another wonderful thing about them is their logo, they decided with a wolf (I guess you can see why I particularly like this).  An animal that is majestic, fierce and uniquely cool.  They invite you, like I invite you to be a wolf, to be you, to dress with a suit or whatever you fancy but make it yours.


Mechant Louk and Wolf in a suit invite you to be a wolf, to be unique and to always be YOU. They are always looking for people to pose for them, to be new improvised models, so if you are interested just send them a message with your pictures or if you are in their area maybe you guys can meet up and create some fashion magic.

Mechant Louk is also currently working with Odeka, a streetwear brand based in Montreal. So if you are a small clothing company, you might want to send them a message, give them call, send them smoke signals, they will help you out.