When you listen to them you will reminisce about the music of the 2000s but you will also listen to something new and different. Who can do that? Green light theory certainly can. They are an Alternative band with touches of emo and punk from California that will blow you away. Just take a moment and listen to “untied”, “goodnight, beautiful”, “who’s lost and found now?” and trust me you will be hooked. I don’t know what it is but this guys have something and we should expect great things.

Plus, they were cool enough to let this wolf interview them and that’s always cool in my book.

The wolf: What inspires you guys?

Corey: When we first started, it was the music we all enjoyed listening to that inspired us to write our own music and strive to be better musicians. Now, it’s our fans that we continue to gain that inspire us. Every day that we receive fan mail from them describing how we’ve had an impact on their lives, we can’t help but want to make more music!

The wolf:How is it being on the road?

Scott: We haven’t gone on a full scale tour, but our shows in NYC and NorCal have been incredible. We all have the road bug.

The wolf:Any tips for up and coming musicians?

Drew: Practice different and new things. Play along to your favorite songs, and play along to stuff you wouldn’t normally listen to. Don’t be afraid to write something you don’t like in the end.

The wolf:Any upcoming shows where people can go see you?

Kyle: We’re planning a show in April with a bunch of great local bands at a venue in Orange County called, The Vault.

The wolf:How do you feel your sound has evolved from A gift from your ex-boyfriend?

Corey: We’ve been working on some new songs with the intent of keeping a similar sound, but making it the best sound that we can produce. We’ve moved towards a more mature, “Alternative” feel with our lyrics and music while trying to keep the catchy Pop-punk hooks we all know and love.

The wolf:How did it feel to create your album?

Drew: Recording is always fun, though stressful at times. It felt really good to have a finalized EP in an actual case with real art on it! It wasn’t a big budget 15 song album, but we put in time and barely slept while we did it. We can’t wait to spend a few weeks really digging into a full-blown album one day.

The wolf:When can we expect to see a new EP or CD?

Scott: We’re recording a few new songs with Jeff Sahyoun from Letlive in a few weeks. We’ll evaluate the tracks and figure a release plan ASAP.

The wolf:Where can we obtain your physical album ( I ask because I enjoy having the actual CDs)?

Kyle: Our merch site for physical CDs is

The wolf:How would each of you describe the band in one word?

Scott: Progressing.

Kyle: Stoked.

Drew: Driven.

Corey: Well-groomed!

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